New Look for 2012


So we thought long and hard about it and decided to change the look of our website for the new year! We have done our best to eliminate scrolling and to make everything as light weight as possible to boost your experience here on our website

The important thing is, all of our services and information is easier to access and laid out in a more cleaner and modern format. You will notice we have cool new buttons, and our pages has gotten well deserved and long awaited facelifts!

Take a look around and enjoy the new look and cool features!

-Freelance Designz Team

3 Responses to New Look for 2012

  1. DesignFirms says:

    Not sure what the old site used to look like, but this one isn’t too bad at all! The header is nice and clean, however feels a little heavy on the right. Overall, the colors work well with one another. Some of the buttons on the homepage blend into the background. Good work!

  2. Keith Moore says:

    Overall i like the look of the site, nice clean uncluttered layout and simple design.
    Simple is always good in my opinion, to many sites don’t put the point across exactly what it is that they’re offering in a easy to grasp way.

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