The Dangers of Unethical SEO


Many people think that using unethical SEO tactics such as keyword cramming, having multiple domains pointing to the same destination, and getting involved in backlink building schemes will provide them with good results within the organic search results of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, an Bing. This may be true.. For a very short time. These popular search engines actually frown on unethical means of artificially inflating your ranking! Many times we have had people come to us to improve their websites performance and ranking within these popular search engines only after participating in such unethical activities. Truth is, it is very hard to rebuild your websites reputation with these search engines if they have already caught on to your little scheme. Many times we have to submit for reconsideration to Google explaining that said client had participated in unethical SEO practices in the past and has sought out our professional services to undo or amend these practices – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but when asking for reconsideration, honesty is the best policy. We point out all the mistakes previously made (even if they where undetected) and explain what we have done and will continue to do to make sure that such unethical means to get “on top” will not be done anymore.

It is very common that websites get sandboxed or blacklisted from popular search engines. What this means is that your website has been dropped from the search engines index, which can be very hard and strenuous to have undone. This is the number one reason to avoid unethical SEO tactics and schemes.

If you feel that you must use unethical SEO tactics… DON’T!!! If you can not afford an SEO company like us, the best thing to do is reference Googles quality guidelines. You can get outstanding results by being honest, descriptive, and thorough.

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