Web Design and SEO Services


So we have been getting allot of questions in regards to why we offer free SEO with every website we design. The simple and honest answer is that we believe SEO and Web Design should go hand in hand. To properly optimize a website Search Engine Optimization should start as soon as the web design starts. By doing this you are avoiding getting poorly ranked right out the gate and having to pay to get your website modified in the future which can only complicate things within Search Engine Indexes. So having it all done right the first time can save allot of time, money and complications, letting you focus on more important things than how your site is ranking on Google.

Another bi reason why we add it as a free service included with our web design packages is because we find it very wrong to have someone pay us to design a website that will float around in cyberspace collecting dust so we provide this service to make sure that every website we design is of the highest quality standards for our clients and they get the results they deserve! We strive to provide outstanding results for all the services we offer and will always continue to do so.

Being a Michigan Business, Freelance Designz completely understands how tough these current economic times are and we do everything we can to make sure that the overhead for having a website designed, hosted, and optimized is as low as possible.