How the Right Website Will increase Your Business


Many business owners in Michigan aren’t to savvy on the importance of a well designed and optimized website. With a properly designed website that provides both in-depth information and a great user experience, you will be sure to see an increase of both new business and customer satisfaction. Not to mention better rankings in search results!

In this new age of business 80% of people research services and products online sometimes for weeks until making a decision so by making a bigger online impact than your competitors you are sure to tap into that 80% of the online market. Even a small retail shop can substantially increase their sales by opening a professionally designed and optimized online store that is both very secure and user friendly.

By offering deals, promotions, and other popular things for visitors and potential clients to utilize and interact with you will surely gain the upper hand on your competition.

Allot or businesses have websites. However, a majority of them do not update their sites for years if at all. It is important to keep your website updated. Not only to keep up with the Jones and to improve the appearance of your website but to also provide new and interesting information for both new and returning visitors.

It is also very important to have a solid internet marketing strategy. By planning out and keeping up with you internet marketing strategy. Internet marketing includes 4 main sections; Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, Social Media, Email, and Online Advertising or pay-per-click advertising.

SEO is a very important factor, this I’d the optimization of your website and it’s contents to increase your visibility in popular search engines. Social Media has become a very popular, just as popular (if not more) as TV and radio so it is very important to have a well felt presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Email marketing, if done properly can be a great tool to reach potential customers and to keep current clients informed on updates regarding your website or business. However, it is very important not to come off as spam – we have a saying that goes “if it looks like spam and smells like spam then it is spam!” This is very true. Online advetising or pay-per-click advertising is basically purchasing adspace on other very popular websites such vas Google, Facebook, Bing etc. This can be a very effective if done properly or very exspensive if done incorrectly.

In close, a website is a very important thing to have and the quality of its design and contents makes a huge difference and with a great internet marketing campaign you can bring out your websites full potential.