Why Free SEO is Offered With Our Web Design Packages


Free SEO. Oh Yes! It's Free!So it might sound a little awkward, maybe even a little shady that we offer free on-page SEO for every website we design; given the prices for quality SEO are pretty high. Well, I think it’s time we clear the air a little bit about why we do it, and why we think it should be a common practice for web designers. Since about 98% of on-page SEO is in the court of the web designers, they might as well go ahead and do it, right? Well only if they know what they’re doing. Sometimes there’s web design companies out there that will completely screw up your standings in search engines, or sometimes you can even do it yourself by accident if you’re managing your own website. So below are some trade secrets that we do on-page that we feel should be considered general practices that every web designer or webmaster should know. Ready to take notes?!

SEO Friendly Website Structure

It all starts with Website structure. Having a website that is easy for both your visitors and search engine crawlbots to navigate is your starting point. We build your website with at least two versions of your primary navigation, especially if you want your top navigation to be built in JavaScript of Flash. Most of the times, that is the case; so we add a plain text version of your navigation to the footer of your website. This promotes sound site structure since every primary page of your website will be linked together at least twice.

Having a plain text navigation also helps with general website accessibility for those that are handicapped or have to use screen readers. Website accessibility is not only a good on-page SEO practice, it’s the standard! If your website is really big and has many pages, we use internal links within your content, using keywords that relate to the linked page. We also categorize your pages and use bread crumbs to make your website easier to navigate. We optimize your URL structure to make it more SEO friendly and links easier to share.

Optimizing Title Tag and Meta Tags

We make use of the title tag and meta tags such as meta description tag, and geo location tags to make your website more visible in search engines. The title tag and meta description tag is used by search engines to generate the search snippet for your website within search results. So optimizing these tags are pretty important. The title and meta description tags are the very first things that search engines see when they visit your website, so we make sure to use the right amount of keyword and keyword phrases within both tags.

SEO Friendly Content

The content of your website is the most important thing when it comes to SEO. We believe that outstanding unique content is a must. We refuse to write your content around your keywords. This generally makes your website read like spam, if you’re website looks like spam, it’ll smell like spam, and not a lot of people like spam. So we throw spammy content out the window.

The idea behind quality content is to have something that people would be interested in reading and sharing but also target the right keyword and keyword phrases within the right density and proximity to provide search engines with a better idea of your page subject. If you’re website is for generating sales or leads, you don’t want to come off as a spammer because everyone knows that spam is a red flag for scam.

How We Do Content for Clients

Given that we don’t just wave a magic wand and come up with the best compelling content for your website, we do have to get some initial ideas and information from you the client. 9 out of 10 times, our clients will bring us content they already written, so we just revise and tweak it a little.

If you have no content or ideas for content what so every, our price may increase by a little bit since we have to go through the whole interview process of finding out everything we possible can about your company. Then derive from the collected information and write your optimized website content. Also within your content, we make proper use of strong, emphasis, and header tags to make your content stand out to your readers and search engines.

Why We Do Free SEO

Since we are SEO minded web designers, we see it as defeating the purpose to design a website from the ground up and completely ignoring on-page SEO which can easily be done right along with the design and development process without adding extra stress to our web design team. Everything we covered here, we consider general web design practices.

Also we do not believe in taking the time to design a website that will sit and accumulate dust, even if we are paid to design it. What we do believe is taking care of our clients because we know that if we take care of our clients. It makes our job worth the while to know that our clients are happy with the work we’ve done for them. We make customer satisfaction a primary goal in everything we do.

So I hope that cleared the air a little bit and you kind of understand the on-page SEO services that we offer with every website we design. If you do have any questions about the services we offer, or what we do; you’re more than welcome to call, email, or hit up our contact form on the contact page.

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