Successful Launch of the Macomb Twp. Parks & Recreation Website


Macomb Township Recreation CenterFreelance Designz is proud to announce the successful launch of the new Macomb Township Parks and Recreation website! The initial consultation between Freelance Designz and the Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Department took place in mid-October of 2014; where department officials shared their ideas and goals for their future website. In early November, Freelance Designz was officially contracted for this project!

To assure project quality the owner of Freelance Designz, Russ Powers, arranged weekly project planning/ debriefing meetings with Chis Stepp, the recreation programmer/athletics director in order to plan out each individual webpage, test functionality, and to provide a weekly progress report. With an official launch date of March 5th 2015; this massive, complex website took approximately four months to complete.

The less technical requirements for this project included mobile/responsive design, a custom developed event management system and staff directory, and means for residents to register for classes, programs, and events provided by the Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Department. The website was also meant to act as the official website for the Macomb Township Recreation Center along with the public parks maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department.

The more technical requirements included cross-server/cross-platform integration, secure cross-server database replication, seamlessly integrated internet software provided by Vermont Systems Inc. for access to VSI applications, self-services inquiries, transaction processing, membership registration etc.

For this project, Freelance Designz assigned several primary goals. Firstly was to build a beautiful, visually pleasing website that is easy to use and navigate. Second, to assure that every aspect of this the website functioned properly and seamlessly with no bugs or glitches. Third, to make the website very easy to maintain.  And most importantly, that the website in whole is 100% safe and secure.

So without further ado, we are proud to present to you…!

Read more about the launch of the Macomb Township Parks & Recreation website in this news article published by The Voice.

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