Social Media Marketing Done Right!


When clients come to Freelance Designz for Social Media Marketing/Optimization services they don’t just get like/share buttons and a nifty Facebook cover. We start by identifying our client’s target social audience by reviewing their current social following, website traffic, and website visitor behavior. When then optimize each static page using a series of MicroData, Schema Markup, and Meta tagsto make each web page a powerful social marketing tool.

We then incorporate the like/share social signals where share worthy content is commonly found (Usually within a blog/news section). We also educate our clients on how to write share-worthy content and make it look enticing to social media users.

Below is an example of what you see when you share a link to the page on Facebook.

Embedded post will show on publish

If you visit the web page, you will notice that the image that is present in the Facebook post is not present on the web page. Also the actual page title is different from the title displayed on Facebook.

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