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Effective Search Engine Marketing and SEO Services

search-engine-optimizationWith so many Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing schemes out there, it is truly hard to cipher the phonies from the pros. Well here’s where the guessing game stops. The SEO and SEM teams at Freelance Designz are highly skilled professionals that have a true passion for their field. Instead of looking for short cuts and quick fixes to get you at the top of search engine result pages; we do a complete, comprehensive website analysis and properly optimize your website to not only appeal to search engines but to also appeal to your visitors. We make it a top priority to only apply field proven white-hat SEO techniques and to strictly follow Google and Bing’s Webmaster and Quality guidelines in order to further assure positive, long-lasting results.

40,000 Ft. View of our Search Engine Marketing and SEO Services

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

SEO has changed a lot over the past couple years, and things that once was considered as good practices, are now being looked at as spam. Luckily for you, we stay on top of the current tactics, trends, and standards of the SEO trade. We start out by optimizing your website’s structure, page speed, and content. We do extensive keyword and search phrase research to strategically optimize your website to target these specific keywords and search phrases..

Content and SEO Copy-writing

We have some the very best content writers that Michigan has to offer! Our writers produce some the most outstanding and unique website content, blog posts, and articles. They are known for writing some of the most captivating and compelling copy, that people feel eager to share it with friends, family and colleagues. Not only are they great writers, but they are also amazing SEO’s. True Master Jedi’s of keyword placement! For examples, visit our News section!

Social Media Sharing and Optimization

Today Social Media is all the rage! So much so that it has already started to effect how we do search. More social signals are being integrated into search engines with every update! We help you build a following on the popular social sites. By doing so, we are able to draw traffic from these social sites and build links more naturally. Social sites can be a great way to drive traffic and share links, so it’s crustal to have an active presence in Social Media… That’s Where We Come In!

Natural/Organic LInk Building

Many people are still holding on to those old linking habits for dear life, but since Google released the Penguin, a lot of these bad linking practices are being heavily penalized! We don’t pay for links nor do we participate in linking networks. In fact, we take a more Natural approach to building links like providing outstanding share worthy content and easy methods of sharing. So don’t fall for $50 will get you 500 links or the Penguin will get you!

Monitoring Results, Making Changes Where Needed

Once we feel that we’ve done everything ethically possible to make your website more visible on search engines, we monitor the results and make improvements to your SEO strategy on a week to week, or month to month basis. We report back to you all of our findings on how visitors interact with your website using simple terminology and readable graphs. We also monitor your competition and who’s all linking to your site to maximize your overall potential of first page rankings.

What You Need to Know About SEO!

Think about this for a minute. Google alone gets on average 2 million searches per minute, 121 million searches per hour, 3 billion searches a day. Can you imagine how many of those people are looking for exactly what you offer? Last year in 2012, Google had an average of 5,134,000,000 searches a day and approximately 1,873,910,000,000 searches for the entire year! Wouldn't it be amazing to have the ability to generate even a small niche of that abundant search traffic?

Google Search Statistics

Search engines are the leading source of traffic for websites, beating out other venues by over 300%!

Online experiences begin with a Search Engine

Total Americans use search engines to find news

Searchers that click on a result from the first page

Daily Website Traffic