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Dedicated Webmaster Services

webmaster-servicesOur webmaster services are a cost effective way of keeping your website fresh and up to date! As your dedicated webmasters, the highly trained professionals at Freelance Designz will custom suite a variety of services to fit your every need! Not only do we manage and update your website’s content and keep everything updated running fast and smooth day-to-day, we also execute weekly backup and recovery protocols to assure that your website and data is safe and secure!

Professional and Effective Webmaster Services

Backup and Recovery

Your dedicated Webmaster will perform weekly and monthly backups of your website, files, and databases to assure the integrity and security of your website and the the sensitive data comes with it. All backups are stored on high  performance external drives that are stored in an Fire/Water/EMP proof safe box to guarantee that no matter what may happen on your server or in the world, there will always be a fresh backup safely stored out of harms way!

Maintenance and Up-Keep

Your dedicated Webmaster will be responsible for all maintenance and up-keep that pertains to your website and the data associated it with it. They will also be responsible for making updates to your websites content. If you need new products added to your online store, or need a new page or old pages edited; your Webmaster will be there to perform these tasks for you. Our professional Webmasters are fast to respond and can solve virtually any issue big or small!

Website Diagnostics and Reporting

If your website ever seems to not be “up-to-par”, or something may be wrong somewhere; your dedicate Webmaster will thoroughly investigate the cause of the issue, resolve it, and report back to you. Our Webmaster’s are trained to closely monitor the websites they are in charge of, and they’re really good at spotting technical errors! You’ll notice the added piece of mind that your website is under the watchful eye of one of our professional and intuitive Webmasters!

Website Security

Our Webmasters specialize in website security. They are trained to watch for suspicious and possibly harmful activities on the websites they maintain. The Webmasters at Freelance Designz stay on top of  the newest viruses, exploits, malware, hacks, potential risks; and quickly learn how to counter them. If a hacker or anyone trying to cause problems for your website is spotted by our Webmasters, they will get the ban-hammer and reports will be filed with their internet providers and the authorities if applicable. Our Webmasters will notify you promptly if any security issues should arise, and work on resolving them right away.

Live Technical Support

Your Webmaster is devoted to your satisfaction! If you have any questions, concerns, or just stuck on something, no matter how novice or advanced, your Webmaster is there for you! You can call, email, instant message, or text your Webmaster any time and know that you’ll get a response from a Real person! You and your Webmaster will be able to work together and develop a great working relationship and collaborate to achieving your goals. Your Webmaster is YOUR Webmaster, you will never be shuffled around from one to another, making this one of our most valued services to date!

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